C# is a static typed, multi-paradigm programming language from Microsoft.


Quality Bank

Technical Lead, 2010 - 2012

Web application that manages the workflow, pricing data, sampling data, volume data, and invoicing for the Trans-Alaska Pipeline System.


Author, 2010 - present

Library that provides a simpler approach to C# class design.

Energy Efficiency Map

Technical Lead, 2012 - 2013

Web application that allows the Alaska Energy Authority to monitor and administer data from their statewide energy saving programs.

AHFC Integration

Technical Lead, 2013

Alaska Gasline Development Corporation

Technical Lead, 2013 - 2014

Web application that provides AGDC with documentation, reporting, and querying tools for their vast GIS data and infrastructure.

AWWU Intranet

Technical Lead, 2005 - 2008

Web application that contains AWWU's reporting and querying tools, systems status, and custom applications.

AWWU Job Scheduler

Technical Lead, 2005 - 2006

Framework for creating background processing jobs that migrate, synchronize, and transform data throughout AWWU's integrated systems.

AWWU Systems Integration

Technical Lead, 2005 - 2006

Bit Proposal

Lead Developer, 2008


Contributor, 2014

Library for accessing environment based configuration from multiple different programming languages.

CIS Data Capture

Technical Lead, 2006

Console application that captures monthly snapshots of AWWU's customer information system (CIS) data and loads it into a data warehouse.

Database Synchronization (AWWU)

Lead Developer, 2008

Denver Schedules API

Contributor, 2014

JSON API that provides access to Denver activities that impact the residents of Denver.

FLIR Monitoring System

Developer, 2007

Software that reads the output from a FLIR laser mounted on a single engine plane used to fly over the Alaska North Slope and record land information.

Lasar Range Finder

Lead Developer, 2008

Software that records output from a handheld lasar range finder and combines it with records from a GPS unit which allows field workers to record the locations of objects that aren't assessible otherwise.


Author, 2010

Framework that can be used to perform integration tests on a ASP.NET MVC application.


Author, 2012 - 2014

Please is a set of commands useful for maintaining software projects.

Report Engine

Lead Developer, 2005

C# library for producing HTML reports based on database queries.

SAR Reports

Lead Developer, 2007

Scrum Tools

Technical Lead, 2012 - 2013

SIF Agent

Lead Developer, 2004 - 2005

Schools Interoperability Framework (SIF) compliant agent that allows the Oklahoma State Department of Education to submit queries and receive real-time student data changes from schools in Oklahoma.

Service Order Mobile Dispatch

Technical Lead, 2009

Mobile web application that allows Anchorage Water & Wastewater Utility service workers to query and record service information while in the field.

Systems Portal

Technical Lead, 2013

Web application for tracking data used by systems administrators.


Developer, 2007

Windows Presentation Framework (WPF) application used by the Alaska Railroad to plan and schedule structure of their trains.

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